Friday, July 20, 2012

Morning all

i got a free coupon for $600 off a  Water Ionizer System i can not use this if you know anyone who can use i will  recycling it to someone that can benefit from it. ;) just comment below with email and i will send it to you

Miracle Max Under Counter WMiracle Max Under Counter Water Ionizerater IonizerThe Miracle Max is a true advancement in water ionizer technology producing the greatest range of pH & ORP using any source water. This counter-top ionizer is a true out performer using less power than any other brand on the market. Its 7-plate electrode system is the largest in the industry making it very desirable even as a commercial grade ionizer.
Miracle Max Under Counter Water Ionizer
Imagine for a moment that you could instantly get healthy, alkaline ionized water for you & your family; from a water ionizer manufactured by one of the world's leading manufacturers. Now imagine that all you see is a discrete & elegant chrome plated tower that is activated by an easy to use control pad. No counter top clutter and the ability to choose different levels of alkaline or acidic water at your fingertips. Well, with the VS-70 Ionizer imagine no more!

P.S. The contest coupons are valid up until August 15th

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